Images & mirages - Nanosciences, Symposium
10 December, 2010
Zoe and Cat will be presenting the Cloud Project at 14:00
Images & mirages - Nanosciences
9-16 December, 2010
An exhibition at La Fabrique Culturelle in Toulouse
Presentation at NYU
24 November, 2010
Cat presents at New York University
Presentation at PNCA
August, 2010
Cat presents at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, USA
Vintage at Goodwood
13-15 August, 2010
Zoe presents at PechaKucha. Van is exhibited at festival.
AND Salon, Haworth Art Gallery, Accrington
10 April 2010
Talk hosted by Professor Andy Miah, Dr Mark Cutter also presenting.
Grizedale Forest, Cumbria
1-3 April, 2010
Part of AND festival
Flagmarket Square, Preston
27 March, 2010
Part of the AND festival
Lancaster University
17-19 March, 2010
Special visits from Bronislaw Szerszynski, Experimentality Research and Peter Hatto who chairs an ISO group developing international standards for nano.
Prof. John Donegan
5th dec. 2009, 1pm
Prof. John Donegan’s groups’ research interests are in Nanophontics
Prof Martin Hegner
4th Dec. 2009, 1pm
The scientific interests of Martin Hegner’s research group are focused on interdisciplinary research in the fields of single molecule manipulation, biophysics, bio-diagnostics and development and application of biological sensing devices
Prof Mike Coey
3rd Dec. 2009, 1pm
Principal Investigator for the research of the Magnetism and Spin Electronics group at CRANN
Prof John Boland
Dec. 2, 2009, 1pm
The research focus of John Boland’s Research Group is the area of surface chemistry and the anner in which it controls the properties of nanoscale materials and devices.
TEDx Talk
Nov 12th, 8.30 pm
Serving nano ice cream at TEDx talk hosted by the Science Gallery
The Cloud Project in Dublin
12/11/09 - 04/12/09
We'll be serving nano ice cream daily outside the Science Gallery.

Vintage at Goodwood

Next stop for the Cloud Project will be the Vintage at Goodwood festival.

“Vintage will explore the musical, design and cultural lineages and explore where they are taking us. Think of Vintage at Goodwood as the new annual Festival of Britain. Whether your thing is Swing, Rockabilly, Mod, Soul, Funk, Disco, Ska, Electro, Burlesque, Film, Art & Design, or you just want to dress up and get an authentic ‘flat top’ and make-over for a day, Vintage at Goodwood will be visual, responsible, aural and sensual, a big family dressing up box, a collectors dream and a joyous creative feast for all ages.”



What if...


Tea and Yellowcake - Nuclear workshop

For all those fans in the Lancaster/Heysham areas, Zoe’s having a workshop there for her new project Nuclear Dialogues this coming sunday. Come along for some yellowcake and to design your own personal micro-climate. Click on the poster below to see the details.


Wellcome Trust windows

Documentation of The Cloud Project is displayed in the Wellcome Trust windows as part of the ‘What if’ window exhibition that will be showing there throughout 2010.

You can find out more about the display here or go and visit the Wellcome Trust. They always have interesting events and exhibitions.


Urban Interventions: Personal Projects in Public Places

The Cloud Project is featured in this new book by Die Gestalten Verlag. It looks like there are a number of interesting projects in it. It’ll be available soon, but in the meantime, you can check it out here


Nano Week video


Nano Week

There are quite a few interesting events on during nano week in Dublin. Visitors to the our van are also in with a chance to win a Golden Ticket. This Golden Ticket will give the winner unique behind the scenes access to the multi billion euro facilities in INTEL and CRANN, and the opportunity to meet directly with the experts behind some of the cutting edge research in Ireland. Furthermore, the lucky winners will get a chance to watch as their own initials are etched for eternity into a flat diamond surface using a FIB (Focused Ion Beam).

Check here for other events


The Elements

I just came across this book The Elements – a bling version of the periodic table. It’s an example of how the visual beauty of the elements that make up our world can be harnessed to create a visually engaging and informative piece of work.

There’s also a nice video to promote the book:


Undulatus asperatus

After reading about the potential classification of a new cloud type I went looking for a copy of the International Cloud Atlas. The first one was published in 1896, made as a visual guide to help classify cloud types. You can see images from the original publication in an online gallery made by the University of California, San Diego.


Nano ice cream at TEDx

Zoe and I making apocalyptic ice cream during TEDx that was hosted by the Science Gallery.